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Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection vs Windows Remote Assistance

Many people have a vague concept between Remote Desktop Connection and Remote Assistance. Indeed, they have similar names, and both are used to connect remotely …

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website hosting

Choose the Right Web Hosting Plan for Your Website

Web hosting is a fundamental part of any website. Choosing the right hosting company and plan for your website requires careful consideration. Not all hosts …

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Shared Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a single physical server hosts multiple sites. Many users utilize the resources on a single server, …

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5 Best CPanel Alternatives Free in 2022

Here are a few well-known CPanel alternatives free Web hosting control panels for installing on Linux operating systems like CentOS and Ubuntu to manage websites. …

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Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting: The Key Differences and How to Make Your Decision

There are various different types of website hosting and it is crucial that you choose the appropriate hosting package for your specific needs. Shared and …

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solidcp panel

Top 5 Free Windows Web Hosting Control Panels for 2022

The Windows web hosting control panels are intuitive tool that anyone with little technical knowledge of control panel can use. Before you select one for …

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What is GPU Used for?8 Application Scenarios of Graphics Processing Units

What is GPU Used for?8 Application Scenarios of Graphics Processing Units

In the era of artificial intelligence, with the increasing requirements for large computing power and low power consumption of chips, the market penetration rate of …

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what is gpu server

What is GPU Server: Concept, Importance and Best Practices

Nowadays, Graphics Processing Units or GPUs have become one of the most important types of computing technologies. GPUs are designed for parallel processing and can …

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cloud load balancing

What is Cloud Load Balancing?

Flexible loading balancing is one of the reasons why people choose a cloud service to host their websites or applications. This feature is the process …

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cloud service Technologies

Types of Cloud Servers: What are Cloud Server Services?

A cloud server is a good choice when you want to host your websites or applications. However, many people may confuse about which kind of …

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Customer Reviews: Hosting Gaming on GPU Server

My name is Josue Navarro and I am a client of services provided by databasemart, several months ago I obtained a dedicated server specifically (Express …

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protect visitors' data with SSL certificate

How to Purchase and Install an SSL Certificate for a Website

If you own a website in 2022, then you will need an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate encrypts the data that goes from a user’s …

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Best VPS Hosting

How to Choose the Best VPS Hosting Plan for Your Website?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is something of a halfway house between shared and dedicated hosting. On the one hand, it offers the flexibility of shared …

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rdp vps

RDP VPS Providers Compared (2022 Deals)

If you decide to store all your information and files in one place that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Or being able to access your …

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web hosting

Web Hosting: 3 Different Types of Web Hosting You Must Know

Probably one of the biggest challenges when building a website is deciding which type of web hosting plan you will use. There are many options …

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cloud hosting

5 thoughts about Migrating to Cloud Hosting

As more and more enterprises migrate their applications to cloud hosting servers, you may have considered whether it is also your best choice. However, there …

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nvme hosting

NVMe Hosting: Amazing Fast SSD VPS

When seeking a solution for your web-based project or application, you will come across many VPS hosting options. Whether you’re an e-commerce store owner, web …

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How to Set up Your DNS Record

How to Set up DNS Records

DNS, or the Domain Name System, is like the phonebook of the internet. It helps translate human-readable domain names to machine-readable IP addresses. For example, …

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How to use TeamViewer to access a VPS

How to Use Teamviewer to Access a VPS Remotely

People usually use the remote desktop connection (RDP) to access a VPS from Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS local devices. But that’s not the only …

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TeamViewer and VPS difference

Access VPS: Difference between TeamViewer and RDP

When you read this article, you may be confused about how to choose an unattended remote access method for your VPS. What is unattended remote access? That …

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Windows server

6 Effective Ways to Secure your Windows Server

A VPS server is a great hosting option if you want more control over your server without dishing out large amounts of cash for a dedicated one. …

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Virtual private networks

How to Connect to Remote Access VPN from Windows 10?

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are networks of private servers that run VPN services to create private “channels” for Internet browsing. VPN services provide secure Internet …

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vpn server,remote access vpn, secure network

How to Install Remote Access VPN on Windows Server 2016

Setting up VPN for remote access is simple. Just install an access server on the network and connect your device to our connect client. The …

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aapanel web panel

How to manage a website with aaPanel​

Millions of websites are created everyday. It’s easy and you can do it too in less than 20 minutes with aaPanel. It doesn’t matter if it’s …

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Site-to-Site VPN vs Remote Access VPN vs  Personal VPN: What Are the Differences?

A VPN is a service that creates a private tunnel within a public connection (e.g. the internet). VPN software allows its users to send and …

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Multiple RAID Levels

Should I Choose RAID Storage for My Server

When deciding on the hosting configuration for your server, you may have come across this configuration – RAID storage. What is it? Should you choose …

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How Much Hosting Bandwidth Does My Website Needs

How Much Hosting Bandwidth Does My Website Need?

When choosing a hosting plan for your businesses or projects, you will see each plan comes with a bunch of server configurations. Specifically, the configurations …

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ssd vps hosting

SSD VPS Hosting: Right Way for Your Business and Websites

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting is one of the preferred hosting options for some small and medium online businesses. The reason is that …

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5 Steps to Securing Your Linux Server

Linux servers are a great, cost-effective way for businesses to store and share data. Linux is open-source, so it provides plenty of resources and community cooperation. …

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How to Install XRDP on Ubuntu 20.04

How To Install XRDP (Remote Desktop) on Ubuntu 20.04

Xrdp is an open-source implementation of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that allows you to graphically control a remote system. With RDP, you can …

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VPS vs. VDS: What is the difference between VPS and VDS

With the development of the Internet, more and more businesses need servers to host their websites, manage office tasks, or run online trades. However, owning …

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difference between VPS and cloud server

VPS Vs Cloud Server: Which Hosting Should I Choose

It looks like a VPS and cloud server is very similar as you will get a certain and full management permission in your assigned space. …

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7 Ways to Secure Your VPS

7 Ways to Secure Your VPS

VPS is safer than shared hosting as all VPS instances are isolated. However, it is still possible that the security of a VPS system can …

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Server Virtualization Technology Intro: How Does VPS Work?

VPS is a cost-effective hosting solution for websites and applications. This is because it combines the benefits of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. On one …

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vps server

Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting: What Are the Differences?

When selecting a VPS host, do you attach great importance to the price of server hardware resources and after-sales service, but know little about the …

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dedicated server hosting

What Is a Dedicated Server Used for? 9 Uses for Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a server that hosts a single-tenant application. Unlike virtual servers, all content in these physical machine infrastructures is at the user’s …

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When to Upgrade VPS to Dedicated Server

When to Upgrade from a VPS Hosting to a Dedicated Server?

The ultimate goal of an online business is to provide your target audience with fantastic user experiences. The experiences will keep them loyal to your …

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Database Hosting

Choose a Right Server to Host Your Databases

Databases are at the heart of most modern Web applications, mobile applications, and services. Whether it’s a traditional SQL database like MySQL or SQL Server …

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VPS vs VPN: What is the Differences Between VPS and VPN?

Are you confused between VPS and VPN because they sound the same. Aside from both having the word “virtual” in their names, they don’t have …

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MT4 and MT5

MT4 vs MT5:Which is the Better Program for Your Trading

MetaTrader is a well-known chart analysis and forex trading platform founded by MetaQuotes in 2000. The company has released five versions of the software, but …

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GPU server

How GPU Servers Can Benefit Your Business?

When most people think of processors, they simply think of the Central Processing Units that’s been put on the server. However, CPUs are a thing …

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dedicated server hosting

What is a Dedicated Server? 4 Reasons for Choosing a Dedicated Server

To be sure, choosing the appropriate server hosting is very important to the success of enterprises. If you are still confused about how to choose …

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Forex VPS Hosting

Secret of Uninterrupted Forex Trading:Forex VPS

Forex, also known as foreign exchange trading, is an international market with strong liquidity and a large trading volume. It is the world’s largest financial …

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benefit of VPS

7 Things You Can Do With a VPS ( VPS Use Cases)

Have you ever wondered what to do with your VPS (virtual private server)? The breakthrough of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) since the early 2000s has made …

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Linux vs Windows 3

Difference Between Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS hosting

You may have understood what VPS hosting is via our article: What is the Difference between VPS and RDP, and decided to choose a VPS …

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What is the Difference between VPS and RDP: Choose the Best Remote Desktop Service?

In the modern Internet world, using your local PC/server to manage your business tasks, such as Forex, websites, blog, study, and research, is not the …

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benefit of VPS

9 benefits of running a business on VPS hosting

Are you hesitating on where and how to host your business? There are many ways to host your Forex trade applications, website, and databases. For …

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How to Install Odoo 15 on Ubuntu 20.04 VPS

Introduction This article shows how to install Odoo 15 on Ubuntu 20.04. Odoo is a popular open-source suite of business apps that help companies to manage …

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install postgresql on ubuntu vps

How to Install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Introduction PostgreSQL is a fully featured database management system (DBMS) with a strong emphasis on extensibility and SQL compliance. It is backed by 20 years …

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install gitlab on ubuntu vps

How to Install Gitlab on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Introduction GitLab is a free and open-source web-based code repository for DevOps. It is a popular alternative to GitHub providing wiki, issue-tracking, and continuous integration …

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How to install Caddy with HTTPS&PHP on Ubuntu VPS

A web server is a piece of software that accepts a network request from a user agent, typically a web browser, and returns either the …

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affiliate commission

Join DBM Affiliate Program, Get Commission

Affiliate programs, also called associate programs, is a relationship between a company and client that rewards the affiliate for each visitor or customer brought by …

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