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My name is Josue Navarro and I am a client of services provided by databasemart, several months ago I obtained a dedicated server specifically (Express Dedicated GPU) for several massive projects that I had planned to create and host on said server and I will detail below.

PachaVice RP

Project created thinking of uniting the community of Latino content creators, so that they could have a server to create content, it was dedicated to having the possibility of hosting a GTA V Roleplay server so that players could achieve connect with each other and achieve direct communication within the game, the main idea was to create a server of 100 people and we managed to get a reach of more than 600 registrations on our registration website.

I also created multiple discord bots for said project which were also hosted on said dedicated one.

A hosting and smtp service is created to host the project’s website and also send all the mass mailings from the same place and managed 100% by me.

The dedicated one received a large amount of load both from the video game server since it had more than 100 players connected simultaneously, the discord bots, the web page hosting and the email smtp server.

This project took 3 months since it was seasonal and it was a complete success since the content creators were very pleased with the project and asked to generate another one the same next year.



Project that is starting which will be hosted in the same way in the dedicated one which will be a video game server called Minecraft, which itself will contain multiple servers connected to each other, with a large load of both gameplay and players.

The main idea is to create a world server where the players are divided between towns (which will be multiple servers) in which they will have missions, projects, jobs that they will have to carry out among themselves, in order to reinforce the work of the team and further unite the community.

The project is projected to create an even larger community than the 600 players that were counted with the previous project, but even more, since the previous community created is being used and new members are being obtained, since some of them may not have played the previous video game, but we know that the minecraft video game has even more reach of players.

Currently, if you have already started the dedicated one, it has 5 minecraft servers, more than 10 discord bots and, in addition, it is also hosting the hosting of this new project.


Customer Experience Summary

Summary of my experience as a client of a dedicated databasemart, in this section of the document I want to be quite transparent and detail my experience.

The dedicated despite all the load that I have created and forced the dedicated has never given me a bad performance, sometimes he even applied stress tests to the dedicated since it is very important for me that when the players enter massively they do not present any type of inconvenience, despite these stress tests I have not achieved a bad performance of the dedicated device despite having so many services hosted on it.

I am very sure that these dedicated ones are very functional for quite massive projects since, as I indicated before, I have a fairly large community of players and many times connected simultaneously and the dedicated one did not present any problem.

One of the pluses very present in databasemart services and for me as programming is fundamental in projects is the security they provide, since for example in my projects because they are so massive and with scope many people try to cause affectation and it has given me a lot of peace of mind that those dedicated already have an anti-DDOS attack service.

I want to speak very honestly with what my experience with the support area is, since many companies what the support area is and the response to the customer of an inconvenience is quite null and void. At Databasemart I am totally transparent and it has been the most complete and relevant that I have managed to notice compared to other companies.

Many problems or support tickets the response is almost immediate and many times they even solve the problem for me and do not send the client to solve it.

I have never had a complaint with the support and the efficiency that they have for the support.

In summary I am super pleased with the services of databasemart and I would recommend anyone to work with the company since as a client I have had the best experience.

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