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What is GPU Server: Concept, Importance and Best Practices

Nowadays, Graphics Processing Units or GPUs have become one of the most important types of computing technologies. GPUs are designed for parallel processing and can be used for a variety of applications, including graphics and video rendering, whether for personal computing or business computing, GPUs are all good at it.

GPUs were originally designed to accelerate the rendering of 3D graphics. Over time, they have become more flexible and programmable, enhancing their capabilities. This allows graphics programmers to create more interesting visual effects and realistic scenes using advanced lighting and shadowing techniques. Other developers are also starting to harness the power of GPUs to significantly accelerate additional workloads in areas such as high-performance computing (HPC), deep learning, and more.

This article will explain the GPU server in simple terms from the concept, purpose, and importance of the GPU server. Hope you have a basic understanding of GPU servers after reading this article. let’s start!

What is a GPU server?

As the name implies, a GPU server is a server with a graphics card installed. Using this raw processing power, using an offload process, the CPU can offload certain tasks to the GPU, thereby increasing computer performance. Not only that but running computationally intensive tasks on the CPU can take up the entire system. Offloading some of this work to the GPU is a great way to free up resources and maintain consistent performance.

GPU server is a computing service with a GPU card, which provides fast, stable, and flexible computing, and is used in various application scenarios such as video encoding and decoding, deep learning, and scientific computing. Moreover, due to its excellent image processing capability and efficient computing performance, GPU servers are very competitive in server products, especially in computing performance.

What makes GPU servers so important?

Powerful graphics processing power

The role of the GPU is to render after constructing the information input by the system. At the same time, it uses buffer memory for data processing and storage. This working principle separates the functions of graphics processing, which not only improves the visual experience but also reduces the pressure on the overall operation of the computer.


Powerful computing performance

The gradual evolution of the intelligent era regards computing power as the real productivity, and the value of GPU lies in improving computing power. High-performance computing capability simplifies complex IT environments, effectively relieves computing pressure on computers, and helps enterprises process data efficiently. This is one of the advantages of GPU servers over other types of servers.

Multi-capacity server

The GPU server with large-capacity storage can meet the daily operation needs and support the high-end configuration of various infrastructure cloud services, which can not only meet the needs of customers but also improve the operation level.

Best Practice of GPU Server

GPU Server for gaming

Video games are increasingly computationally intensive, with surreal graphics and large and complex game worlds. With the rise of advanced display technologies such as 4K screens and high refresh rates and virtual reality gaming, the demand for graphics processing is growing rapidly. The GPU is capable of rendering 2D and 3D graphics. Play games at higher resolutions and faster frame rates with better graphics performance. The Nvidia GeForce GT730 and Nvidia GeForce GT730, while a bit dated, have no problem playing some home games. If you’re after extreme performance, you can also use the high-end card Nvidia RTX A4000 for gaming.

GPU Server for video editing and content creation

For years, video editors, graphic designers, and other creative professionals have struggled with lengthy render times that hog computing resources and stifle the creative process. The parallel processing provided by GPUs now makes it faster and easier to render video and graphics in higher resolution formats.

In terms of performance, DBM provides a no-compromise solution for both CPU and GPU. Gamers and content creators can now get better performance and new features thanks to Nvidia GPU cards. Positioned as professional graphics workstations, the Nvidia Quadro P600, P620, P1000, and T1000 are ideal for video editing and rendering, content creation, on and gaming, designed to deliver advanced graphics performance and media capabilities.

GPU Server for Machine Learning

Some of the most exciting applications of GPU technology involve artificial intelligence and machine learning. Because of the extraordinary computing power of GPUs, they can provide incredible acceleration in workloads that take advantage of the highly parallel nature of GPUs, such as image recognition. Many deep learning techniques today rely on GPUs working together with CPUs. High-end models such as the Nvidia Tesla K40, K80, and Nvidia Ampere series are available for high-performance computing and big data workloads such as deep learning and AI inference.

How do I get a GPU server rental?

At Database Mart, you get powerful GPU-only servers built by NVIDIA that are highly customizable and easy to deploy. We have a wide range of high-performance dedicated hardware options for RAM, CPU, storage, and chassis. You can get your GPU server customized according to your business needs. These servers are the best choice for applications such as 3D rendering, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtualization, big data, gaming, and video streaming. Our GPU server framework includes redundant components to provide maximum availability and continuity for your business functions, as well as applications.

We guarantee the high security of your business data. Servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers, ensuring you have unlimited bandwidth and 100% server uptime. An expert support team ensures that you get comprehensive assistance in setting up your server as well as free migration support.

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