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6 Effective Ways to Secure your Windows Server

VPS server is a great hosting option if you want more control over your server without dishing out large amounts of cash for a dedicated one. As you probably already know, there are two operating system options to pick from. You can either go with a Windows-based server or a Linux-based server. 

One of the most important matters which worries people while using a virtual server is security. Here we will try to present some useful tips to improve the security of Windows virtual servers.


Here are the steps to how to secure Windows server:

1  Install the latest OS updates and application patches.

2  Change default RDP port and restrict server access.

3  Use a complex password and change it periodically.

4  Enable system firewall and close unnecessary ports.

5  Install antivirus software.

6  Backup data periodically.

1 Install the latest OS updates and application patches

Enter “Windows Update” in the search bar. Check for Windows Updates and install them.

Always keep your windows updated. This is one of the simple ways to help keep your server secure. You can either configure Windows Update to notify you when a new update is available or allow it to download and apply the update automatically.

2 Change default RDP port and restrict server access

For how to change the RDP port, please refer to the link at

3 Use a complex password and change it periodically

4 Enable system firewall and close unnecessary ports

5 Install antivirus software

If the server is based on Windows Server 2016/2019, use Windows Defender to scan the server. If it is based on Windows Server 2008/2012 R2, please refer to the link to install Microsoft Security Essentials. Other security software is available too.

Click Clean up if suspicious files are found after scanning.

6 Backup data periodically

Backup the important data to your local PC regularly.

Database Mart provides Remote Data Center Backup service, which can back up your selected files in drive C to our backup servers in remote data center. Contact us to get the service.

If you follow these tips, the should be no problems with your Windows server’s security. If, however, you run into some problems, remember that Windows unlike Linux distributions, is not an open-source software and requires a license purchased from Microsoft. Because of that, you can always contact Microsoft support and get help from then on solving the issue.

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