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What Is a Dedicated Server Used for? 9 Uses for Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a server that hosts a single-tenant application. Unlike virtual servers, all content in these physical machine infrastructures is at the user’s discretion, and it can be configured according to the requirements of a single-tenant environment. In a dedicated server, Instead of sharing space with anyone else, you can fully control the physical machine.

Dedicated servers are typically suited for high-traffic websites, web applications, and all other performance-critical hosting scenarios. Because of this high performance and dedicated resources, we consider dedicated servers as one of the highest-performing hosting options. Dedicated servers are much more expensive than virtual servers, so it is important to make full use of them.

This article mainly introduces you to some usage of a dedicated server, so that you can make full use of the value of a dedicated server.

1. Website Hosting

Websites hosting on dedicated servers are the most common use case. When your website starts getting a lot of monthly traffic, your best choice is to switch to dedicated server hosting. Otherwise, slow website loading may frustrate users and affect their experience, resulting in slow website performance.

Why do websites that get huge traffic need dedicated servers?

Every website, regardless of its type, aims to attract more and more website visitors. The main purpose of creating a website is to increase traffic and global influence through the world wide web.

If your website will receive a lot of traffic from the beginning, you should choose a dedicated website hosting service. You should choose a hosted service that is designed to effectively meet the requests of a large number of site visitors who visit your site pages at the same time.

2. Email Hosting

Another use of a dedicated server is e-mail hosting. In this way, you can configure a unique e-mail address, configure rules about how to use e-mail, and customize the size of attachments allowed to be sent.

This is useful for reducing unnecessary bandwidth usage and controlling content sent through the e-mail server.

3. SaaS Web Hosting

Over the past few years, software-as-a-service has become the preferred way to deliver applications. Dedicated servers are the preferred way to host SaaS applications because they provide the necessary server resources and processing power to serve a large customer base.

4. Mobile App Hosting

Dedicated servers are also available for mobile app hosting. In most cases, mobile applications that are technically advanced and require higher execution speeds or larger memory capacity will be hosted on dedicated servers.

5. Game Server

Dedicated servers are also used to host private video game servers to provide the highest levels of speed, reliability, and stability. They provide more storage, processing, and memory capabilities than other hosting solutions and ensure uninterrupted gaming.

6. Data Backup and Redundancy Management

Dedicated servers are often used for data backup and redundancy management of internal databases. You never know when a disaster will strike, so it’s critical to back up important data and avoid the risk of permanent data loss. Whatever you decide to back up, you can be sure that a dedicated server with HDDs installed will be the best option for doing it.

7. Test the Application

Testing is an integral part of the software development lifecycle, and dedicated servers provide a safe, flexible, and reliable place to perform every step of the development process. Dedicated servers offer unmatched performance, speed, reliability, and data protection compared to shared hosting.

Dedicated servers can be used to host internal applications, which will guarantee a higher level of security and options for internal customization according to business needs.

9. Storing Sensitive Data

Dedicated servers offer a high level of security, so another common use for them is to store sensitive data. Sensitive or confidential information can be encrypted, which will significantly reduce the chances of a data breach by preventing unauthorized access to the information.

What to look for when buying a dedicated server?

If you’ve already decided that a dedicated server is the best type of hosting for your business, the next step is to choose an affordable paid server plan. At this point you should consider:

  • You should start by defining your unique performance requirements to determine how many servers you need and what type of hardware to use.
  • You should consider the following hardware specifications:

             Processor – Do you need a powerful server?

             Storage compliance – does your website handle sensitive data?

             Memory – Do you need fast storage speed or high storage capacity?

             Bandwidth – How much traffic do you expect to have?

  • Check which operating system is best for your hosting requirements. You can consult your hosting provider for more advice.
  • Before deciding to go with a dedicated server, figure out how much potential downtime you’re willing to risk, and whether you need technical support, technology advancements, or backup services.

DBM Dedicated Servers provide the perfect balance of control, performance, power consumption, and cost for high-intensity workloads and are a cost-effective, enterprise-grade solution. If you are not familiar with which plan to buy, dbm also provides 24/7/365 online service and after-sales service to ensure the normal operation of your server.

key Takeaways

Finally, let’s summarize the key points we talked about:

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting where you can use the entire server exclusively, with configurable resources, and great security.

What to consider when buying a server: cheap, standard, enterprise, high performance, high bandwidth, unmetered, and managed dedicated servers. You should consider the advantages of each type and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Dedicated servers are used for a variety of purposes, such as website, email, SaaS, in-house application, and mobile application hosting, as well as game servers, data backup, testing applications, and storing sensitive data. Dedicated servers offer a high level of security and a variety of customization options.

Considering your affordability, choose DBM Dedicated Server, as DBM Dedicated Server achieves the perfect balance of control, performance, power consumption, and cost for high-intensity workloads and is a cost-effective enterprise-grade solution Program.

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