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9 benefits of running a business on VPS hosting

Are you hesitating on where and how to host your business? There are many ways to host your Forex trade applications, website, and databases. For example, buy your owner server, rent a shared web plan, a virtual private server (VPS), a dedicated hosting server, or a cloud service.

Some small enterprises choose from a shared plan. But then they may be finally frustrated and disappointed when their site gets hacked, operates poorly, or when their site goes offline. Meanwhile, they cannot afford the high cost of their own servers or dedicated hosting servers. In this situation, VPS hosting is the best choice to begin your business.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of VPS on performance, control, flexibility, supported applications, security, etc.

9 Reasons you choose VPS

1. Relatively dedicated resources: avoid being affected by neighbors

If assimilating a hosting server to a residence, a shared plan looks like an apartment in a building. A VPS looks like a separate house in a residential community. Then, a dedicated server is your own residential community. With VPS, you will share a server’s resources with other users. However, unlike shared hosting, your sites, mail, databases, and other services will still have dedicated resources in their share of the server. That avoids other clients’ operations affecting yours. 

VPS building

2. Increased performance and speed

Compare with a shared plan, a VPS usually has more dedicated resources. For example, specified CPU, memory, and disk space. You can enjoy higher upload/download speed and improve your websites visitors’ experience.

3. Full Control and Flexibility

You may get upset when you encounter an issue in a shared service as you do not have permission to solve it. You must contact the support team from time to time for help. But sometimes, get refused due to security reasons. Some of your change requests may affect other clients on the same server. The flexibility of VPS hosting enables you to complete control over your operating system. Full root access lets you be able to configure your server environment. And decide how to allocate resources as needed, no matter you’re hosting one large website or multiple smaller ones.

4. Wide Range of Application

A shared plan or common cloud application can only support hosting website or database data. However, with a VPS, you can make full use of it in many cases, such as gaming, Forex trade, surfing, VPN, mails, etc. It works just like your own computer, but will never be offline nor generate an extra electricity fee.

5. Scalability and Portability

For most businesses, their data and resource usage grows day by day. You may luckily encounter a big chance to obtain a large number of customers or visitors. For example, during a Black Friday promotion or an internet celebrity recommended your products. In this situation, VPS hosts can upgrade your resources quickly and easily to avoid your business screeching halt.

VPS accounts are managed as server images by the service provider. Your provider can move your image to a new server with zero downtime and save your time migrating data.

6. Security

VPS allows your source and data files to remain hosted behind a secure partition. That partition is unavailable to other clients of your service provider. Some providers even set DDOS protections for VPS hosting servers. That helps you decrease much risk of data leakage or hacker threat.

7. Lower Price

VPS is the best choice to let you enjoy the most dedicated resources, just like on a dedicated server. It will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars each month to rent a dedicated server. But you can experience similar services with dozens of dollars on a VPS. You only need to afford the resources you need with the minimum budget.

8. Manage anywhere

Business cannot stop even if you are on a journey with your families. Then, what can you do if find urgent changes need to be made? A VPS host can be accessed from everywhere and via different devices, such as an iPad, laptop, or phone.

9. Customer Support

As we know, most small businesses suck in lacking capital and technology. After all, few business owners have server-related technical skills and have the money to hire a specialist. Even though you have bought your own server, you have no ability to manage it when any problems occur. VPS hosting providers usually provide customer support 24/7 hours to make sure your business running smoothly.


The good provider, Database Mart LLC, has the most professional customer service team with 15+ years of experience. Customers always can find them no matter any issues. That’s why they are trusted by more than 100K clients.

In Conclusion

If you are running a growing small business, then, a VPS host will be a good choice. VPS has remarkable benefits: relatively independent resources, high availability, flexibility, and scalability. You will not worry about the budget, security, or technicist, and can get the most services you need.

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