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Top 5 Free Windows Web Hosting Control Panels for 2022

The Windows web hosting control panels are intuitive tool that anyone with little technical knowledge of control panel can use. Before you select one for your needs, you will need to understand it and its role in the hosting system. We have compiled a detailed guide that will give you all the information on the free and popular Windows web hosting control panels. Web hosting control panel is one of the effective means to manage procedures related to routine operations of hosting infrastructure.

Top 1. SolidCP

solidcp panel

SolidCP is one of the most popularly and commonly used web hosting control panels in the market. This software offers comprehensive support for Server 2019 as well as enhancements to Simple DNS. It works with all the major enterprise software. Some of the attractive features of this web hosting control panel are its responsive design. Solid CP is designed to be responsive to all types of devices and offer ease of usability.

This tool offers a superior level of safety to its users. It is user-friendly and intuitive. Your employees can learn it easily without any hands-on training. Solid CP is ideal for anyone with little technical knowledge.

Another interesting feature of this control panel is that it offers a multi-server panel. With this functionality you get the ability to manage multiple servers using a single server. This makes it a preferred option for all those website owners who are looking for a tool to manage innumerable web servers on their website.


  • Single and Multi-Server Management
  • It is a free app that can be downloaded from any location
  • Responsive Design
  • Managed by professionals for over ten years


Top 2. Website Panel

Website Panel

Another effective web hosting control panel that we have in our list is the Website Panel. It is a full-fledged portal designed especially for the use of Cloud computing organizations, and IT service provider firms in the market. With this tool, business owners can mechanize the provisioning of the complete suite of Windows server services.

WebsitePanel is a flexible, and robust, and open source platform that provides a simple point and click control over most of the commonly used Windows server applications such as Hyper-V Deployments, OCS, SQL Server, SharePoint 2010, IIS, Exchange 2010, etc.

There is a multitude of ways in which your Website Panel software can help a business to grow. It is a multi-tenant, enterprise-level automation tool that offers enhanced support for Private Cloud Servers. With the help of this tool, you can centralize the administration of the web hosting infrastructure. The tool also lets you distribute resources across several user accounts.


  • Portal for IT providers and cloud computing firms
  • Facility to automate the provisioning of a complete suite of Windows server services
  • Point and click over Windows server apps that include SQL Server, IIS, Exchange 2010, Lync, OCS, and SharePoint 2010


Top 3. MSP Control

MSP Control Panel

MSP Control Panel is one of the essential requirements of an eCommerce business to monitor the progress of their website at every instant. This tool helps in managing the domain hosting in a rapid, protected, and powerful manner.

MSP Control Panel is widely recognized throughout the globe. It is developed in PHP language. All the features that this software provides are free of cost to its users worldwide. MSP Control Panel is sophisticated, faster, and secure than other commonly available control panels in the market.

The software offers robustness, and a high level of support of DNS Management so that you can manage your installed apps with a high level of accuracy, and convenience in a very short period. It is beneficial even for users who lack sound technical knowledge and expertise in web programming languages such as JS, MySQL, PHP, and fundamental web servers.


  • Responsive remote terminal
  • Offers an extensive range of productivity-improving tools for web hosting providers, web developers, web designers, and more
  • Sophisticated and simplistic
  • Provides effective management and monitoring


Top 4. Web Controller

Web Controller

Web Controller is another free to use and powerful Windows Hosting Control Panel tool. This web-based remote administration software is ideal for use on Windows 2003 web hosting server. With the required installation of windows components, this software also works on Windows XP on NTFS drive.

Web Controller provides administrators with the tools they need to manage and maintain their websites easily and efficiently using only the web browser. You can use wc to sale hosting services or for your personal email and website management needs. Amongst other things, Web Controller allows you to do the following.


  • Open Source and free to use or modify.
  • 3 Level of administration for Server Admin, Reseller, WebsiteAdmin
  • Mange Iis website, create delete, modify. Domain, subdomain etc.
  • Mange ms Dns server, auto created with site creation.
  • Manage Ftp, auto created with site creation.
  • Manage xMail Email server, with webmail, included, spam filters.
  • Manage mySql, msSql database servers, phpmyadmin included.
  • Front page server extension.
  • Support asp,, php, perl, python vbscript, javascript etc.
  • Website creator and ready shopping system.
  • App installer for open and packaged softwares (coming).
  • Disk space and bandwidth monitor.
  • Multi language support. Create your own language file if needed.
  • Auto signup , auto create a website domain or subdomain or email account.


Top 5. ZPanel


ZPanel is a web-based hosting control panel that is coded in PHP language for Windows, and *NIX host Operating System. It is another widely used and popular web-based control panel on our list. It offers support for a wide range of languages.

This open source Control Panel is mainly focused on the administration, and management of the servers. It has the ability to monitor multiple servers without any issues. In terms of its management capabilities, the tool offers a maximum level of control to its users. It provides a superb level of security to users and various advanced level free of cost functionalities such as automated backups, file locking system, and IP protection.

ZPanel is light in weight software that optimizes on a single interface. It can be installed with minimal hardware, and software requirements. It has various built-in plugins that aid in quick and efficient initiation of front-end.

Talking about the installation, ZPanel can be installed in a single click. This one-click installation makes the application convenient and simple. Even a person with not much technical knowledge about the various programming languages, like JS, MySQL, PHP, and web servers can install it easily.


  • Provide a central place to store, access, and distribute ZPanel installers, and upgrade script form
  • Powerful and flexible web server administration tool written in PHP for Windows and NIX Host Operating System.
  • Offer heightened security



Quick, robust, and secure web hosting control panels are the primary feature to consider before buying any web hosting services. It should come along with all the features that are needed to manage your web hosting.

You would require a simple and highly effective tool to monitor and supervise the hosting infrastructure. If you like, here I recommend DatabaserMart’s Windows VPS, which provides ready-made CloudPanel, let’s experience it to our heart’s content. 

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